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2.5K Ratings on the App Store

6.3K Ratings on Google Play

Great Resource For Clean Beauty!

This has been a fantastic resource to make the shift to cleaner products! Thanks!


Google Play Review

I've learned so much about what's inside each hair and skin product I use. I now know what to avoid and what to get!


Think Dirty is leading the way!

This simple app has changed the way I shop for cosmetics and cleaning supplies! It has also made it so much easier for me to show friends and family that the products they are using are not safe. I love the breakdown of each ingredient, it makes it so much easier to actually know what the ingredients in your products mean!

Jasmine Laurel


All I can say is wow! I scanned some of my products and most of them scored high on the dirty level. I didn't realize just how much junk is in that stuff. I plan on swapping some of my products for cleaner ones recommended in the app.


Love this app

I love this app and use it often, especially before going out to buy products. I especially love the “black owned business” feature. I’m a person of colour but not black however I greatly appreciate the effort of the developers for adding this and for the solidarity you’re showing, not only with Mother Earth but with all beings alike. Thank you 🙏


Reliable Source

Depend on this app when choosing safe products. You are what you put on your body!


Google Play Review

This has helped me get not only a better skincare routine, but find other products that don't have harmful chemicals and use animal testing. 10/10 reccomend!

Cherry Pie

Google Play Review

This app means that I can buy products with confidence, their ingredients no longer a mystery with long or generic words hiding potentially harmful ingredients. I love feeling empowered to make the right choices for me, with annoying spam, pop-ups or pressure to buy!

Connie McFarline

I’d been waiting for this

So happy to have a centralized app with such a straightforward method of judgement. Yay for being clean by Think Dirty


Google Play Review

Awesome. Wish i had this years ago!!

Micah & Olivia Larimore

Been so informative!!

Been loving this! It’s crazy how much bad ingredients we use without knowing.


Love it

This app is so helpful on keeping me informed on healthy products


Google Play Review

Amazing! Tells you what's good or bad👏

cristina rosca

Life saver!!

Literally! This app is my go to before I purchase any product that will go on my body. I have shared it with friends and family and it has been so well received. My sister and I now aim to have a zero rated shelf. And our bodies are better for it!


Super helpful

Fantastic app, huge database to search for ingredients in personal care products

A Fellow ND

Best app for your health

There’s nothing more important for your health than knowing what your products contain. We are lucky that this even exists. Love this app.

Dr. Bahareh Moshtagh

Great app

Such a great app for conscious people, not wanting to put chemicals on or in their body. It’s amazing how popular some products can be for being “natural and healthy” when there’s so many hidden chemicals not on the label. Grateful for this app to make me more aware of what’s on my shelf and in my shopping cart!


this app is amazing!!!

it has helped me out so much when it comes to selecting the products i want to use that will actually be clean and without all the toxic products in them

Emma 👑🍓

Google Play Review

Love this App! Very useful in finding products that are chemical free! I love scanning my already great products and using this app as a resource for sharing with my customers their value! Thank you!

Stacy Harker

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Babo Botanicals - Daily Sheer Tinted Facial Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

SUMMER here I come!

I can't wait for summer. This tinted sunscreen is so awesome. I mean if your putting sunscreen on your face already (which you better be!) why not have it tinted! I hate to put make up over sunscreen so this works very well for me. My only advice is a little goes a long way. When you use it just take a small amount at first so you don't end up wasting any!!

Darcy G. - Verified Buyer

Be Well Company Skincare - The Best Deodorant

Actually is the Best Deodorant!

Not only is the best deodorant, it has eliminated all of my worries about smell! I never have to think about it anymore since I started using this last February (almost a year ago). So thankful!

Mitch W.

Fitglow Beauty - Vita Active Foundation

Amazing skincare foundation!!!

I am absolutely in love with this foundation. It allows my skin to shine through and provides just enough coverage. It feels weightless and gives me that glowing healthy skin look. The best part is when I wash it off at the end of the day, my skin looks BETTER! I love everything Fitglow that I have tried... lip serums... vita set powder... foundation brush...eye bright... concealer. LOVE it all!!! Worth every penny.

Laura - Verified Buyer

Innersense Organic Beauty - Pure Harmony Hairbath

I Love My Hair with Innersense!

I've been using Innersense shampoo and conditioner for more than 10 years and I love it. Other shampoos work for awhile then they stop working. Innersense never stopps working. My hair feels and looks great thanks to Innersense. I love the New look. Jia.

Jia P. - Verified Buyer

basd - Body Wash Indulgent Crème Brûlée

swift and sensational!

my orders have arrived in record time! the scrub is amazing and lotion/wash smell divine!! highly recommend these natural products! i especially love their packaging/branding, too cute!💕

Karina - Verified Buyer

LifeVantage - TrueScience Invigorating Shampoo

Great for fine hair!

I enjoy washing my hair with this shampoo. The lather is luxurious. I am serious. Never had a shampoo with this creamy lather and my hair is fuller. I have fine hair and I have had several comments lately about how full my hair looks. It has a very low rating so I know it is good for my scalp.

RENAE L. - Verified Buyer

LifeVantage - TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream

Holy Grail Eye Serum

Best and most effective eye serum I've ever used!

Nicki - Verified Buyer

Erin's Faces - Mineral SPF 32 for Body

Love this!

Was in search for a moisturizer to use daily that was not heavy and provided Spf, without toxic chemicals. This is amazing & fits the bill. Living in FL not just any lotions will do. Found on the Think Dirty app-so glad I did!

Jessica - Verified Buyer

NIUCOCO - Smoothing Conditioner

Love this conditioner

Leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny

Lucy - Verified Buyer

Zao Organic Makeup - Organic Concealer - Ivory


I tried RMS Uncover Up but did not like that it wasn't 0 on Think Dirty. There are not many concealers that are! Seeing as concealer is one of the first things I put on my skin I wanted to at least have it be as chemical free as possible. A concealer that doesn't wrinkle, successfully covers, blends beautifully and is 0. Talk about dream come true. This stuff lasts all day, has a creamy and light texture and feels like heaven.

Gabby - Verified Buyer

Province Apothecary - Full Brow Serum


I purchased this product in hopes of stimulating hair growth in certain areas of my brows and giving them a fuller look using a natural product. I haven’t been using it for that long, but I have seen a slight difference for sure. I love the smell as well as the formula. A little goes a long way! Very happy with this product and I will purchase it again.

Sarah - Verified Buyer

Silk Therapeutics - Nurture Facial Moisturizer

Love this!

I learned of this company on my "Think Dirty" app. I came here and decided to try it. I bought the little moisturizer to test it out. Great idea by the way. And I love this stuff! It makes my skin so smooth! And it's not greasy! I came back to buy the full size. Definitely satisfied.

Christina R. - Verified Buyer

Routine. - Superstar

I was searching for a natural deodorant

I was searching for a natural deodorant and stumbled upon this. I was intrigued as it's locally made (Calgary, Alberta) so I thought let's try it out. I couldn't be happier!! I honestly could not believe just a small dab of this deodorant would get me through a full work day, and a 30 minute run after work. It lasts all day! I'm so happy to have found an effective natural deodorant. And bonus: It smells amazing. Keep up the great work Routine Team!!!

Nicole K. - Verified Buyer

Alchimie Forever - Tightening Eye Gel


After a month of using the tightening eye contour gel twice a day, I have seen a positive difference in my under eyes. Less puffiness in the mornings and it has lightened my dark under eye circles! I love that its a clean product and is giving me such good results, I would recommend this gel 100%

Roxana - Verified Buyer

Seventh Generation - Laundry Detergent - Lavender & Blue Eucalyptus Scent

Seventh Generation 2x Natural Laundry Detergent

I love Seventh Generation 2x Natural Laundry detergent. It cleans very well. We have sensitive skin in our home and this does not irritate anyone. Plus, it smells wonderfully naturally. My favorite scent is the Lavender and eucalyptus for the liquid and the citrus and lavender for the powder. It even gets the stink out of my teenage son's gym clothes. Wonderful stuff.

Mandy - Verified Buyer

Mad Hippie - Hydrating Nutrient Mist

The Best Product I Ever Used

I've tried many phenomenal lines, and this is the best one yet. I appreciate all the natural nutrition in one inexpensive jar, being vegan, no animal testing, and natural ingredients. My skin loves this serum! It's really all I need to use. I'm forty-eight years old and people think I look twenty-five - thirty years old. I've avoided free radical damage since I was twenty-five, and have used quality skin care, and this is the best one yet that takes my skin to its optimal!

Nancy - Verified Buyer

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Purchase or subscribe to try out our beauty boxes!

loved it

great, quality products! definitely considering signing up for future boxes.

Amy M.

United States

great products, great service

it was so fun to receive a box of a large variety of good quality items. service was friendly and fun! thank you!

Stephanie C.


Think dirty clean beauty box

I loved all the products that came in my beauty box! There was a great variety of products and they are fantastic! I can’t wait to under another box in the future.

Amanda B.



I am blown away by the number of full sized products I received to try!! The variety is great ranging from supplements, to beauty applications, to creams, lip balms etc! The brands look and smell lovely and the ingredient lists are great, clean, and transparent, I am super excited to try everything! Thank you think dirty !

Megan O.



i absolutely loved this last box! it had a little bit of everything! the eye cream and face lotions have done wonders to my skin!

Dallana M.

Terrific way to sample new products!

I'm really enjoying experimenting with cleaner products. I am so happy that I stumbled upon the Think Dirty app and subsequently, the 12-Month Beauty Box subscription. The Province Apothecary Eczema Healing Cream has been very soothing for my adult-onset eczema. It's one of my favorite products so far.

Elizabeth T.

loved the box!

i was very happy with the quality of the product in my box! the facial roller and night cream is working wonders on my summer skin! put the roller in the fridge - feels so nice!

christine I.


absolutely love this box!

the box i received was amazing - not only did it have so many products, but there was also a great variety of skincare, makeup and beauty. i have tried a few of the products already and am very impressed. i highly recommend it and will definitely be getting more in the future!

Alexandra D.

United States

favorite subscription!!

i get so excited each month when i know that this box has shipped!

Victoria W.

United States


the items included in my monthly subscription have far exceeded my expectations. i’m really loving the native deodorant, micro needle derma roller, cleaning wipes, eye gels, and shampoo. thanks think dirty for my clean beauty box!

Rachel H.

United States

Thanks for doing the hard work for me!

It’s so refreshing to know I can get a box of products and I don’t have to read the ingredients and half the time I don’t even know every ingredient that is bad. Thanks to think dirty boxes they do the hard work for me and I just get to enjoy all my new fabulous gifts to myself. Keep up the good work Think dirty!! I definitely recommend.

Ryan D.

United States

awesome products in the box

i got this as a gift for my friend and she was super excited by the various products in the box. they items were definitely not your average items butt really carefully selected to fit in the set

Swapnil J.

loved it

it can be difficult to find products that are more natural and animal cruelty free. these products are great.

Kaila H.

Think Dirty You Rock

I loved the variety of the products, the order came pretty quickly but most of all i am thrilled to have green products! Thank you thank you!