11 Best Skin Care Ingredient Checkers

When it comes to choosing the products you use on your skin every day, how much do you pay attention to the ingredients inside those products? The industry jargon and product claims can make finding the right products a confusing and challenging task.

How Your Brain Is Hurting or Helping Your Relationships, Memory & Life w/Dr. Daniel Amen (PART 2) EP 1121

If it’s good for your heart, it’s good for your brain. In this episode Lewis and Dr. Amen discuss the biggest challenges Dr. Amen thinks the world is facing around brain health, how to optimize brain and heart health, how our brain health can affect the quality of our relationships, how constant overwhelm of dopamine is affecting our brain function, why working on improving our memory is necessary and practical ways to start working on it, and so much more!

4 Technologies That Will Improve Your Life

Technology is the double-edged sword of the modern world. On one hand it brings us great convenience. And on the other hand technologies can greatly decrease our quality of life. One way we can deal with the negative effects of technology is to use technology itself – but we need to be discerning about what we use, and how.

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Featured on Earth Day 2021

The responsibility to protect our shared planet intersects every aspect of our lives. These apps make it easier to minimize waste, nurture a meaningful connection with nature, and preserve precious resources.