Why Beauty Products are toxic? By mindbodygreen

Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group Heather White explains why our lotions, makeup, and shampoos are loaded with dangerous chemicals, why babies are born with hundreds of toxins in their blood, and what you can do to make your immediate environment — and world — a little bit safer.

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How toxic are beauty products?

There comes a point in every woman’s life where she looks down at her favorite foundation or sunscreen and thinks: “I wonder what’s IN this stuff?” If this hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s time. In this episode of #BeautyExperienced Anna goes on a mission to learn all about green beauty.

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Toxic Beauty by Phyllis Ellis

Toxic Beauty is a documentary that chronicles the class action case against J&J and the plaintiffs’ personal battles for justice as struggle to find a cure for this fatal illness. It includes scientists, attorneys, campaigners, regulators, legislators, survivors, and person stories of women who have lost their lives as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals.

Not So Pretty

Not So Pretty is the first-ever comprehensive large-scale investigative expose of the trillion-dollar cosmetics, beauty and personal care industry.